Black Copper Marans Hatching Eggs (half dozen)




We have been working on our Marans egg color for some time and are quite pleased with the colors our flock is turning out. Our Marans roos are Black Copper with wonderful color and body type. They are sweet, docile roos that are very attentive to their ladies. Our hens are quiet and friendly. We have mostly Black Copper Marans hens but we do run a couple of Blue Copper hens in the same flock so you do have the potential to hatch a blue copper chick. We breed primarily for egg color with our Marans flock. We are working to perfect our line of Black Copper Marans, but they are still a work in progress. Our ladies have nice body structure and we are working to increase the amount of copper in their hackles. We occasionally have a white feather or two appear, but these tend to go away after their first molt. They will be a wonderful addition to your backyard flock and an amazing color pop to your egg basket.
Eggs are limited to a half dozen per order for Black Copper Marans.