Crested Cream Legbar

Crested Cream Legbar chicks

The Crested Cream Legbar is a charming breed of chicken for the backyard flock. Chicks are easily sexed at hatch by their color. Young females, or pullets have a chipmunk stripe that runs from head to tail. Male chicks will have a light head spot and much lighter coloring than the females.

You can expect 4-5 blue to bluish-green eggs a week from your Cream Legbar girls. They are non aggressive and friendly birds that will add a true wow factor to your egg basket!


Our Polish eggs are a vision of beauty.

Meet Lebowski, one of our young Polish cockerels.

Nothing adds pizzazz and flash to your flock like a polish chicken can! We love our Polish for their quirky personalities and fabulous crests. Polish chickens do very well in confinement.


There is as much diversity in Silkie eggs as there is in the birds themselves! Our Silkie eggs are variations of cream with lovely tints of peach and rose. We only use birds in our breeding program that meet the Standard of Perfection from the American Poultry Association. Your color possibilities from our eggs include: white, buff, black, splash, paint, partridge, blue, and blue cream.

Day old silkie chicks