Black Copper Marans

Chocolate eggs for your Valentine! Courtesy of our flock of Black Copper Marans.
A sweet, one day old Black Copper Marans chick.

Our flock of Marans lay a nice dark chocolate egg. Some with speckles! We breed for egg color while still trying to only breed adults that fall within the breed standard. Your marans from our flock will have feathered legs and lovely body type.

Olive Egger

Our first generation olives are a combination of a blue egg laying breed and a dark brown egg layer. We have worked with different combinations of our birds to bring you a variety of greens. First generation olive eggers will guarantee your pullets hatched will lay green eggs. Future generations can lead to deeper, more vivid greens, blues of varying depth of color and even dark chocolate eggs.

The lavender eggs in the bottom right photo are actually an olive egger with a FABULOUS bloom that makes the egg appear to be lavender or purple. These are from one of our first generation olive eggers.

German Bielefelder

I am not sure that you will find a better dual purpose bird for your flock than the German Bielefelder. The roosters are lovely and have temperaments to match. Our main man, Fritz, is a gentle soul that is easily handled by adults and children alike. Bielefelder roosters are protective of their ladies and are always alert for overhead predators. The ladies are large and docile within the flock. Their laying during the peak of season can rival that of a production hen. You an expect 5-6 large tan to light brown eggs a week from these work horse birds.

Cream Legbar

Cream Legbar chicks

The Cream Legbar is a charming breed of chicken for the backyard flock. Chicks are easily sexed at hatch by their color. Young females, or pullets have a chipmunk stripe that runs from head to tail. Male chicks will have a light head spot and much lighter coloring than the females.

You can expect 4-5 blue to bluish-green eggs a week from your Cream Legbar girls. They are non aggressive and friendly birds that will add a true wow factor to your egg basket! Our current flock of legbars is a mix of cream and crele coloring.

Heritage Welsummer

Heritage Welsummer Eggs

Welsummer are a beautiful, curious breed of chicken. The large, brown and speckled eggs will add variety and texture to your egg basket. Welsummer hens can be expected to lay between 150-250 eggs per year. We notice that our ladies seem to be on the higher end of that spectrum, only taking a break during their molting season. They do very well in a mixed flock and are excellent foragers. If I had to choose a breed of chicken for my personal favorite, the Welsummer would definitely be in the running for first place. Several of our Welsummer hens lay an egg with a lovely pink to purple bloom over it. This adds a whole new color level of excitement to your daily egg collection!


Our Polish eggs are a vision of beauty.

Meet Lebowski, one of our young Polish cockerels.

Nothing adds pizzazz and flash to your flock like a polish chicken can! We love our Polish for their quirky personalities and fabulous crests. Polish chickens do very well in confinement.

Polish hens will produce approximately 200 white eggs a year. Despite what the name Polish would lead you to believe, Polish chickens were first made an official breed in the Netherlands in the 1600s. They were brought to the United States sometime between 1830 and 1840. Polish chickens can be of the large fowl and bantam varieties. Our flock is large fowl, but by no means a large bird. Chicks hatched from our eggs have the potential for frizzle feathering. We have several frizzle hens, but both of our roosters are smooth feathered as you never want to breed a frizzle chicken to another frizzle feather type chicken.


There is as much diversity in Silkie eggs as there is in the birds themselves! Our Silkie eggs are variations of cream with lovely tints of peach and rose. We only use birds in our breeding program that meet the Standard of Perfection from the American Poultry Association. Your color possibilities from our eggs include: white, buff, black, splash, paint, partridge, blue, and blue cream.

Day old silkie chicks