Our Polish eggs are a vision of beauty.

Meet Lebowski, one of our young Polish cockerels.

Nothing adds pizzazz and flash to your flock like a polish chicken can! We love our Polish for their quirky personalities and fabulous crests. Polish chickens do very well in confinement.

Polish hens will produce approximately 200 white eggs a year. Despite what the name Polish would lead you to believe, Polish chickens were first made an official breed in the Netherlands in the 1600s. They were brought to the United States sometime between 1830 and 1840. Polish chickens can be of the large fowl and bantam varieties. Our flock is large fowl, but by no means a large bird. Chicks hatched from our eggs have the potential for frizzle feathering. We have several frizzle hens, but both of our roosters are smooth feathered as you never want to breed a frizzle chicken to another frizzle feather type chicken.

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