Welcome to Pine Grove Farm!

Who We Are

Pine Grove Farm, located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, is a small, family operated farm dedicated to all natural production and humane practices.

Our animals are raised in a free-range setting with lots of love and fresh air. They are part of our farm family!

What We Produce

Pine Grove Farm offers a variety of eggs both for hatching and eating! We are members of the National Poultry Improvement Plan. Our flocks are tested twice a year to insure that they are disease free and healthy. This allows us to safely ship chicks and hatching eggs across state lines. Learn more about our chicken breeds here

We raise pastured, organic chicken, turkey and heritage breed pork.

All products are home-grown and non-GMO. Our meat is processed at a USDA approved animal welfare facility.

Eggs, meat, and other options are available here!